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"I totally agree with your plan, and I hope you are successful."
John G.

"Please continue to promote your plan. It makes sense. I like the idea of pay as you go rather than the large sum we pay when taxes are due. Let's eliminate school property taxes altogether."
Bob B.

"Taxes . . . should be shared and shouldered by everyone in this state. . . . I want the school property tax abolished entirely, not just 'fixed.' . . . Please, do what you must to get the job done."
Ernie F.

"Please continue your efforts with [the] Commonwealth Caucus. This is the best initiative I've seen to free citizens from confiscatory taxation."
Craig D., Sinking Spring, PA

"My wife and I totally support the Commonwealth Caucus Plan as the fairest and best thought-out plan for switching the funding of school districts from property tax to another source of revenue. We are opposed to any increase in the state income tax as a method of solving the current problem! We are opposed to an increase in the state income tax for any reason. We urge you to support the Commonwealth Caucus Plan."
Steven S.

"Only with this plan can we get property taxes where they should be and not increase income tax as well."
Dean W., Erie, PA

"It's about time we have a practical, thoughtful school tax reform package. . . . I read with interest the Commonwealth Caucus Plan and this is the first school tax reform plan I have read to date that even begins to make sense. . . . I like the Commonwealth Caucus Plan because it totally eliminates the real estate tax for schools. If this tax was eliminated, with the savings to homeowners and renters (through the reduced rent that lower real estate taxes would mean), there would be more spending money for all classes of taxpayers. . . . I hope tax reform finally goes where it should go; total elimination of the real estate tax for public education."
Marianne W.

"I would like to express my support for the Commonwealth Caucus Plan to eliminate school property taxes. Property taxes in the Commonwealth have become outrageous. Proper funding of our schools is everyone's responsibility. However, the burden for funding is placed primarily on the responsible homeowners of our Commonwealth."
Kerry M., Wernersville, PA

"This seems like a fairer way to solve the problem [of property tax reform]."
Peter & Judy C., Reading, PA

"Your tax plan is the best I've seen. . . . It's the most equitable."
Steve R., Northampton, PA

"The approach is so simple. You've managed to cut out so much red tape, simplifying the whole educational funding process, it's almost unbelievable. . . . [t]his new approach puts more spending control in the hands of the individual tax payer, and not the school board supervisors. . . . I think your new approach is outstanding."
Bob A.

"You have provided the opportunity for this state to bring about real tax reform. It is fair, it is sound, and everyone will help to support the school system including the young people of this state who are currently enrolled in the system."
Mary R. Bover, PA

"Your tax plan appears to be the only common sense plan presented to the citizens of Pennsylvania. . . . Continue to push your plan. Our family supports it."
Erma G., Robesonia, PA

"I just reviewed the details of the proposed 'Plan for Pennsylvania's Future' regarding property tax elimination in Pennsylvania. I commend you and the team that devised this plan. The elimination of a tax which makes people lose their homes when they retire or lose their job is the best idea I have ever heard come from our state government. Please do not give up on this plan. The runaway increases in property taxes must be stopped. . . . Please do not allow this opportunity for real property tax reform to slip away. . . . This is an opportunity to truly resolve the property tax issue once and for all. This plan is equally applied to everyone and is therefore much fairer than the current system."
Jack R.

"This plan is long overdue. Especially for older people. Sam has my whole hearted support."
Joe C., Womelsdorf, PA

"I want to thank you for your efforts in the elimination of property taxes and doing it this year. You, sir, are a breath of fresh air."
Hagan S.

"Plan is acceptable to my wife and I. We are retired and it is a struggle to pay the high property tax. . . . Get it voted on!"
John B., Fleetwood, PA

"I want to let you know that I along with 90% of the people who have heard you explain your plan to eliminate school taxes support you whole-heartedly. Please do not stop campaigning this plan. . . . Keep working hard on this, you have a lot of support."
Joe C.

"This is the easiest and the most fair way of raising revenue for our schools. We have been paying school taxes in Berks County for over 27 years. When you really look at it, we really never really own our homes. If we don't pay the taxes,
they will sell it out from under us. We are very close to retirement and it would be nice to know we will not have to worry about the school taxes. I wish you well with your bill. I just wished more people knew all the facts. If you sit down and think about it, we will be paying less because everybody will be forced to pay."
Nancy W., Hamburg, PA

"[T]his Plan . . . would give ALL Pennsylvania Property Owners tax relief."
Doris S.

"[T]he most equitable way to address the problem [concerning the school property tax] is through the Commonwealth Caucus' plan. The elimination of the school property tax would be a welcome revision to the funding for the Pennsylvania schools."
Charles M.

"This is an excellent plan."
Rick L., Pittsburgh, PA

"Allow me to offer congratulations and encouragement on your Commonwealth Caucus efforts. Truly the only common sense, innovative proposal coming out of a taxpayer representative in my memory."
Ron B., Alburtis, PA

"Congratulations, your proposal for revising the property taxes is the most sensible proposal that we have seen presented for the relief of the taxpayer. We are totally in agreement with this plan and are looking forward to its implementation. We are anxious for this tax reform so that we can make our plans as to whether we remain in this state or relocate."
Thomas & Carolyn V., Monroeville, PA

"I just read the plan and it looks good. It is simplicity in action . . . ."
Rick W., Flying Hills, PA

"How refreshing it is that a plan has been introduced that is not a retread of a tax shift formula. This model will make Pennsylvania a far more attractive place to live than our neighboring states, which may finally stop our population slide and restore us as the Keystone State."

Dave S., Washington, PA

"I heard you on a local talk radio station, and wanted you to know my wife and I are 110% behind your Tax Reform Plan."
Dean W., Erie, PA

"Replacing one of the most destructive . . . taxes in the state . . . will make collecting school taxes more fair."
Ronald S., Kenhorst, PA

"I just got finished with the slide show on your website. It sounds great to eliminate the property taxes. . . . This property tax issue is very important to me."

Stan L., Shillington, PA

"Thanks for coming up with something creative that I think might work."
Marianne W., Sewickley, PA

"I agree with your approach. If the state really needs money and it is proven it is necessary, . . . it should be consumer based, and on the sales tax, rather than the income tax."
Martin R., Wyomissing, PA

"Kudos! Finally someone understands the importance of combining property tax relief, an economic stimulus, and a mechanism for funding all public schools adequately!"
Gretchen S., Harrisburg, PA

"With the lowest real estate tax burden in the Northeast and the second lowest real estate tax burden, I don't see how Pennsylvania could do anything but prosper beyond our best hopes."
Brooke B., Harrisburg, PA

"This proposed plan [is] very simple to comprehend, and I was surprised that no one came up with this idea before. The [old] rule was to raise taxes to balance a budget. Now we have a proposed plan that reduces taxes and still balances the budget. This plan would revolutionize this Commonwealth in ways that would boggle the minds of skeptics in this great state. . . . This plan would give back the dignity and integrity to the senior citizen, the sick, the unemployed and the financially strained residents that worked so hard to have or maintain a home or business. . . . This . . . is a paramount, innovative approach in solving the funding of our schools, stimulating growth for business, lowering the unemployment rate, and creat[ing] opportunities for our young adults to stay in this great Commonwealth."
Lawrence W., Tobyhanna, PA